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THE HOTEL PORTO JOFRE PANTANAL NORTE is situated in one of the most fascinating regions of the Pantanal, 245 km from Cuiabá, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso, and 145 km from the municipality of Poconé, in the region of Porto Jofre

How to get there?

By Air

Your marvellous journey starts at the Airport Marechal Rondon, situated in the municipality of Várzea Grande, next to the state capital. Aboard a twin-engined aeroplane the flight with panoramic views takes approximately 50 minutes and is direct to the hotel’s own landing strip.

By Road

Arriving in Cuiabá, continue your journey on road number BR-070 (100 km of paved road) until you get to the municipality of Poconé. Continue your journey via the Transpantaneira Park Road,  (145 km of unpaved track) crossing 120 wooden bridges and  of concrete, until you get to THE HOTEL PORTO JOFRE PANTANAL NORTE

During the dry season in the months from July to October it is possible to observe animals along the route including many caiman, capybara, many species of bird such as jabiru stork, macaws, egrets, spoonbills, cardinals, not to mention jaguars, rheas and deer. The journey covers 245 km and takes about four hours in the dry season but perhaps longer in the wet season depending upon the state of the road.

By Water

You can also get here by leaving the state capital on the Cuiabá river, or leaving Poconé from Porto Cercado.

Please note that the Hotel only provides air or road transport.

Airstrip Data

  • Name: Porto Jofre (SJQI)
  • Geographical Coordinates: 17° 21’46” S; 056° 46’42”W
  • Airstrip dimensions : 1,200 x 30 metres
  • Surface: gravel
  • Airstrip designation: 01/19
  • Operational conditions: VFR DIURNAL


See the map of HOTEL PORTO JOFRE PANTANAL  NORTE location.

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