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Lunar Calendar

During which phase of the moon shall I go fishing?

Many speak of the influence of the moon and the seas on fishing. The movement of the sea affects the gravitational pulls acting on the Earth, Moon and Sun.

The positioning of the Moon and the Sun in relation to the Earth determine how water levels fluctuate, and consequently those of the rivers and coastal channels. That’s why we have what are called large and small seas, or turbulent or calm ones.

It is impossible to say categorically which sea or lunar phase is best for fishing. However, it is true that when the waters are calm, which happens when the moon is in its last quarter or a crescent, the current is slower, enabling you to put your bait where you want it. Another fact is that in such waters the fish will have a reduced area in which to move in their search for food, thus fishing areas are smaller.

So, bearing all this in mind, we can say that when there is a quarter moon, or when the water is calm, catches will increase. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that there will also be variables that alter from place to place, and factors such as fish species available, among other things, can change matters, thus one should never ignore local knowledge when considering whether or not to fish in a given region. In other words, if you want to plan where you’re going to go fishing, cross-reference the sea and river charts with the lunar calendar, see when the water is going to be at its calmest, but don’t forget to check out local knowledge.

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