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“Sr. Nico, can I camp here”?

This was the question asked by the first fisherman to be accommodated by us. At that time only my grandparents and a few of their children lived here. In actual fact there was no hotel, just a farm occupied by humble farmers. As for the fisherman, in just a few days he had caught an enormous number of fish. When he returned to his home town, the fisherman, who today has become a close friend and companion, started to tell people about his adventure of the wonders of Pantanal in the region of Porto Jofre, soon afterwards other fishermen started turning up.That’s began the story of dedication and work THE HOTEL PORTO JOFRE PANTANAL NORTE

THE HOTEL PORTO JOFRE PANTANAL NORTE is of a first-world standard, offering its guests comfort and satisfaction whilst they fish and relax. It’s the only hotel in Brazil to work with Marajó 19 launches, which have 115 HP motors besides of a great variety of models and size of boat to do observation tours driven by experienced native guides.

Since 1984 the hotel has been preserving and respecting the Pantanal, in Porto Jofre, a well known region today for hosting an enormous concentration of jaguars.

The hotel features ecological tourism, with observation tours of jaguars, other species of mammals and a wide variety of birds.

Origin of the name PORTO JOFRE

Porto Jofre is derived from the fact that the Transpantaneira Park Road,  starts at Poconé and ends at the Cuiabá river. That point became a port for the entry and exit of cattle herds and diverse products such as foods and agricultural commodities for various farms up – and down-river. The farm JOFRE lies to the right of the Transpantaneira Park Road,  thus the place became known as PORTO JOFRE.

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