Rice Cake


  • 2 cups (American type) of rice
  • 1 cup (American type) of manioc flour
  • one litre of milk
  • three cups of sugar
  • three soup spoons of oil
  • three soup spoons of margarine
  • one coffee spoon of salt
  • three dessert spoons of baking powder
  • one small packet of grated coconut
  • aniseed to taste


Put the rice in water to soak. Afterwards put it in a liquidizer with the milk and liquidise until thoroughly mixed. In a separate container, thoroughly mix the sugar, butter, oil, manioc flour, salt, grated coconut and the aniseed.

Afterwards, add the liquefied rice and mix a little more. Finally add the baking powder. Lubricate the cake moulds with butter and bake in a hot oven.